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About Us


Tvami is a social enterprise which derives inspiration from the Sanskrit word tvam, which means the “very essence” or “true nature”. We aim to connect customers to their roots, to where it all began. We would like to give voice to a collective history and make artisans the protagonists of their own stories.


We believe that our crafts are not just reminiscent of the past, but are sustainable enough to be the very basis to move forward into the future. We would like to create career opportunities in villages across India where our artisans can practice their crafts, without getting sidelined in the rush to make ends meet during times of difficulty such as COVID-19 pandemic. And that future generations are able to clearly see the economic viability of carrying on these traditions. In particular, empowering artisans for whom honing these skills is as vital as managing their household’s income.


Thus, by extension, enable a larger community to flourish. Work together as a team with the artisans and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to make these crafts relevant to modern needs. To reinforce this point, we follow a profit sharing model, wherein the artisans are able to obtain at least 70 per cent of the sale value. The remaining amount, meanwhile, is utilised for business administrative purposes.


We hope to address the global audiences with clear, simple narratives that aren’t tied to folklore, but real stories adorned with the love these artisans have for their art. Weaving such romances is at the core of what we do.


In short, we do not believe in mass assembly line productions. Nor do we claim narratives. Wishful thinking isn’t what we do, wish fulfillment is the bottom-line, instead. – Change the tone


Create. Innovate Preserve.


That’s what we do.