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Our Philosophy

How it Began… 

Our visits to interior India exposed us to the large variety of amazingly beautiful and sustainable crafts made by hand in rural India. We were surprised to learn that the handicrafts sector is the second largest employer and that this sector is under threat. We discovered that Handicrafts are also linked to local story telling traditions, local festivals etc. We saw first-hand the threat that mass production posed to whole way of living and being.


But… we also saw possibilities, immense possibilities which filled us with hope. What if the crafts and arts could spread their wings, to reach the length and breadth of India, and the entire world? What if the artisans could be mentored so that the craft becomes relevant to modern day needs, without losing their essence? What if we could find a way to celebrate these arts retaining the essence of their culture, the traditional wisdom and celebrate the ability to create with hand and mind? What if we could in our own small ways reverse the trend of migration to cities?


And then came COVID-19. Villages were in deep distress, with no access to markets. Artisans traditionally sold their crafts in fairs and bazaars. But all of these were shut due to the pandemic. It was difficult but we decided to take the plunge, if we didn’t start now, we wouldn’t ever…


And tvami was born.


We are Tvami. And we are here to create something beautiful and meaningful.