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Rakhi gifts - A thread that ties art and heart.

Rakhi gifts - A thread that ties art and heart.


There is a bond between brother and sister that is quite unlike any other. When we are younger, it may be filled with lots of mischief - fighting, forgiving, and fighting again. And as we grow up, it becomes about supporting each other through the downs and ups of life. The popular festivity of Rakshabandhan forges this bond even further. Rakshabandhan refers to a sacred bond of protection. On this occasion, a sentimental and sweet practice is followed – the sister applies a tilak on her brother’s forehead, ties a sacred thread called rakhi to her brother’s wrist, and performs a holy prayer for his well-being and long life. The brother, in return, offers rakhi gifts to his sister and promises to always look after her. In today’s day and age, a great way to make the occasion even more memorable is to pick the best of variety rakhi gifts online.


However, this festivity is not merely for biological brother and sister. It is also for those relationships cultivated outside of blood-relations that qualify with the same meaning, affection, and reasons to give rakhi gifts. It applies when a girl who thinks of a boy as her brother. It applies when the sacred thread is tied on the wrists of neighbours or close friends for a more connected community. It has also been said that a rakhi can be tied by a wife to her husband or by a disciple to his or her teacher. In a contemporary rendition, this festivity has also been used by environmentalists to save trees by tying a thread around it. Overall, Rakshabandhan – although a Hindu celebration, is about universal brotherhood and sisterhood, irrespective of caste or creed. Ultimately, it is about love and compassion which is often symbolized through personalised rakhi gifts for your brother or gifts for your sister on rakhi.


The universality of the festivity perhaps stems from its mythology. The folklore behind the origin of Raksha Bandhan has various accounts. As one story goes, there was once a fierce battle between Gods and demons. Lord Indra was having a tough resistance from the powerful demon King, Bali. Seeing this, Indra's wife Sachi went to Lord Vishnu who gave her a holy bracelet which she tied around the wrist of her husband, who ultimately defeated the demons. According to this legend, the threads were amulets which were used by women for prayers and were tied to their husband when they were leaving for a war. Based on an account of Mahabharat, the great Indian epic, Draupadi, wife of the Pandavas tore the corner of her sari to prevent Lord Krishna's wrist from bleeding. Thus, a bond, that of brother and sister developed between them, and he promised to protect her. It has also been told that the two sons of Lord Ganesha were sad that they had no sister. They asked for a sister from their father who finally obliged with the help of saint Narada. This is how Lord Ganesha created Santoshi Maa through the divine flames and the two sons of Lord Ganesha got their sister for the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.


When you understand the significance of these stories, doesn’t it make sense to have a special rakhi gift ready for your significant relationship? One that ties in with the tradition and culture of it all? If you need unique gifts for rakhi you can turn to Tvami. As an online platform that connects skilled artisans with urban consumers, showing your love for local arts and crafts can now be your way to not only protect your kin but also preserve heritage and talented artisans. Be it rakhi gifts for a brother, rakhi gifts for a sister, or rakhi gifts for married sisters, Tvami offers personalised options for all. Since all our rakhi gifts are individually crafted from the very hands of our artisans, it goes from their heart to yours and then on to whoever you are giving the gift to. This is another way to keep the sacred thread going.


To sum it up in a sentence, it is like the old Arab proverb goes - “If you have much, give of your wealth; If you have little, give of your heart.” This is your chance to do both with Tvami’s special rakshabandhan gifts – to give a rakhi gift that brings value not only for you but for the artisan too. It makes for a choice from the best for your best.

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