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Make work colourful

Does your heart beat faster every time you cross a stationery store? Are you the sort of person who would pick up a distinctive and vibrant looking notebook without a second thought? Do you have a collection of beautiful notebooks, pens and pencils, scented erasers and other similar stationery items at home? You are not alone in your fascination with stationery. What may have started as a necessity in childhood is perhaps something that we most cherish as an adult.


This particularly holds true when we first start working. Having the right stationery by our side makes us feel so much at home. Each of them have their own spot for quick access and any changes can perhaps cause unwanted upheavals while we work. Keeping the right stationery enables us to easily organise our day more efficiently, take notes when we are in hurry and keep a to-do list that we can tick off as we complete the tasks for the day. There is so much that we can do by just having a piece of paper or notebook, some pens and pencilsby our side. Which is why stationery is more than just a generic item – it is an indispensable tool that shapes the way we work.


Stationery is also a way to brighten up our desks. More often than not, the desks that are assigned to us are bereft of any ‘personality’. So, it is up to us to make the desk ‘ours’ and personalise it to suit our needs without investing much. Apart from the regular photos and desk calendar among others, bright and tastefully made stationery is one way to spruce up our workspaces. Having just few of our favourites on our desk, the workspace can be brightened up in a matter of seconds! With our essentials by our side, working will definitely become more productive and better. And what’s more, it can also boost our morale while we work as the colours entice us to move ahead. Who knew stationery can work as functional décor for our work spaces and even more so in these times of WFH!


And more often than not, many of the unique stationery that we use at work often end up being used by our children for their own note-taking as it looks ‘cool’ and ‘different’ to them. While we may get them their yearly stock of stationery, the ones we use for work invariably also end up being used by our dear children. So what better way to introduce them to the diversity of the Indian arts than through the uniquely designed stationery by artisans of tvami! Techniques that are common to art forms like Gond, Mithila and Cheriyal have been tailored to suit the style of various stationery products like notebooks, pencil stands, and pencil boxes. These unique and intricately made stationery are a sure way to make not just ourselves stand out but also the company we work with.


So go ahead, make work colorful. Indulge in stationary which has been crafted to matter!

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