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Varamahalakshmi Collection

Lakshya – meaning aim – is derived from the root word Lakshmi – which denotes all the positive manifestations in the universe.  

To achieve any Goal or Lakshya in life, a support system Or Lakshmi is required. 

Vara Maha Lakshmi means the Blessings for the great support system. 

Vara means Blessings 

Maha means Great 

Lakshmi means Support system 

The Festival Vara Maha Lakshmi is a festival celebrated to thank all the support system we require to function in this universe. 

There are 8 manifestations of Lakshmi or popularly known as AshtaLakshmi . They are 

Adi Lakshmi– the original manifestation that arises out of the ultimate – all the wealth of the cosmos 

Dhana Lakshmi – material wealth – the manifest inanimate universe 

Dhanya Lakshmi – the wealth of the plant kingdom 

Gaja Lakshmi – the wealth of the animal kingdom 

Santana Lakshmi – the wealth of progeny  

Dhairya (or Veera) Lakshmi – the wealth of courage or unwavering focus 

Vijaya Lakshmi – the wealth of victory 

Vidya Lakshmi – the wealth of knowledge 

On the same lines 

The Lakshya of artisans of our country is to preserve the age-old creativity of handloom and handicrafts of our land Bharath.  To achieve this goal or Lakshya, our artisans also need a strong support system or Lakshmi.  

On this auspicious day of Vara Maha Lakshmi festival, let us all make a conscious effort to be the support system or Lakshmi to all the artisans of our divine land Bharath. 

It’s a simple step, for all your gifting and decorating purposes for the festival, choose to give or buy Sustainable Handloom and Handicraft products.