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Shri Shakambari Weavers Co-operative Society

Shri Shakambari Weavers Co-operative Society was established in Bagalkot district, Karnataka in 1946. The society employs nearly a thousand weavers who weave traditional and contemporary Ilkal sarees. Most of the weavers work from their homes and the society does not set any target number of sarees to be woven by them. The weavers are free to work at their own pace and are paid per saree. Once the saree is handed over to the cooperative, the weavers are paid a good part of their due immediately. Some of the weavers also help maintain the accounts and manage operations of the society. 

Weaving is a household activity in Ikal. The town is believed to be a weaving hub since 8th century AD. In a weaving family, almost all members are involved in the process. Right from the procurement of the yarn to weaving the saree and sizing and packing it, almost everything is done within the family. Working together with each other for years, there is a strong community bond between weavers as well. The society aims to ensure that the weavers get more work on a regular basis and that they earn a remuneration that justifies their toil.

Charakha Workshop

Charakha Workshop

Charakha Workshop

Is learning to spin your own yarn an art or a skil! While we dont know the answer to that, learning to spin yarn is definitely theraupatic. It also supports weavers who weave our fabric.

In a world consumed by consumerism, how lovely it would be if we all know where our fabric comes from! If you would like to spin yarn from cotton, wear fabric woven from your yarn, then the Charakha workshop is just the thing.

Support the weavers and spin your own yarn!

Join us for the Charakha workshop!

Workshop Schedule:

10th, 11th August 2024

14th, 15th Sept 2024

For more details WA us at 6364665722