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Sheela Devi

Born in 1976 in Bihar, Sheela Devi was just 10 years old when she got married and later moved to Delhi at the age of 15. With no access to formal education, she had reluctantly learnt Madhubani art as a part of village tradition from her grandmother and paternal aunt. “Although I didn’t like it at first, the artform really grew on me and gave me a sense of liberation”, says Sheela. 


Even after moving to the city and starting a family, Sheela didn’t part ways with her art. “I had a family to take care of, a reluctant husband, but I persisted with my vocation,” shares Sheela, “through the years, I have innovated with designs and techniques to present my artwork on fabrics, canvas and lately on papier-mâché.” Proud of her roots and her work, she states, “With every exhibition, I hope to make my village proud and expand the reach of our art.”