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Shalom Self-help Group

Shalom self-help group started in 2005, to help women in financial terms. The main objective of Shalom SHG is to provide the women with some financial freedom to enhance their self-worth within the constraints of their routine. Starting with just a few sewing machines, the group has now 120 members benefiting numerous women. The women are provided with compensation based on the length and complexity of the pieces. The traditional embroidery methods used to design every-day products caught the attention of the Government, which began assisting the group. The women from the Toda community are known for their aesthetically great and intricate form of embroidery on matted fabric, which holds a cultural uniqueness for the community. By using these traditional embroidery skills of Toda women, Shalom SHG is working to revive an exquisite craft, facilitating its global outreach and thus providing a source of sustainable livelihoods.