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Ramesh Karuverappa

A third-generation weaver who has carved out a niche with his creativity and distinct designs, Ramesh learnt how to weave under his father’s watchful eye. His ability to think out of the box is what makes his work stand out. In his mid-40s now, not only has he honed his weaving skills over the years, but has also mastered the art of interplaying different colours and traditional motifs to give the historical Ilkal sarees a refreshing look. Enthusiastic about experimenting with different patterns, designs and materials, Ramesh manages to enhance the contemporary appeal of his end-product, while also capturing the centuries-old elements that characterise an Ilkal weave. 

Not one to be bogged down by the many challenges of handloom weaving, Ramesh is always cheerful. He loves working with fellow weavers and other members of the community who contribute at different stages of the weaving process. Women carry out many pre and post weaving processes, like reeling, spinning, sizing etc., and also help out their fathers or husbands in weaving the pallav which requires two people to weave together. Weaving is a family and community driven profession, and that makes Ramesh cherish it even more.