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Manik Sutradhar

Manik Sutradhar is born and brought up in Notungram and wooden doll making is his ancestral occupation. He has bought up seeing his father and grandfather doing the same work and he started to learn this craft when he was a kid.

Manik is one of the most skilful artisans of Notungram and he uses very good quality wood (specially neem wood) and his finishing is also very nice. His finishing and quality make him stand out from other artisans.

His daughters are pursuing education and side by side they are learning the craft skills. Basically the full family is involved in this craft. Male members cut the wood, shape the dolls and female members colour them.

It’s easy to get the raw materials, they purchase from wood godowns.

The village has total 50 houses who practice the same craft, but now only 12 families earning depends only on this craft. Till now none of them has migrated to another city.

The main problem of this craft is lack of financial strength. He does have enough capital to invest in big projects. His main platform of sale is different handicraft fairs and small orders come from retailers.