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Govindappa Kambad

A veteran weaver bound to his profession by passion and fate alike, Govindappa Kambad has been weaving Ilkal sarees for many years. He has seen the many ups and downs of the handloom sector and managed to survive through it all. At one point when the entire cluster was reeling under immense pressure, Govindappa had to quit weaving and take up a job as a daily wage earner at a nearby stone crusher. However, when a slight resurgence in demand presented an opportunity, he was back on the loom doing what he knows best and weaving beautiful cotton and silk Ilkal sarees.

He holds weaving very dear to his heart and believes that more efforts should be made on a larger scale so that a centuries-old heritage like the one he and his fellow weavers are preserving, gets its due recognition. He adds that is the only way to ensure that weaving becomes a sustainable occupation and these rich traditions thrive well into the future.