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Dharmender is part of a Self-help group of weavers in Telangana called Blue Lotus. Established in 2015 as an initiative to support handloom weavers and entrepreneurs, they realized that they could achieve more if they worked together. Blue Lotus works with handloom, hand spun, naturally dyed, jamdani (muslim), kuppadam(silk cotton blend), and ikat fabric. There are close to hundred weavers in this cluster.

The SHG takes pride in using traditional practised of handicrafts. They try to infuse new energies and patterns into their work and are extremely focused on sustainability. At its core, the Blue Lotus stands for the Indian crafts-persons' quest to attain perfection in beauty, in all that they create.

Dharmender works hard to make sure the team has work throughout the year.

With the Covid19 scenario, they are struggling to purchase raw materials. Close to forty artisans are unemployed now.