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Ashok Jana

Creating Madurkathi craft comes as naturally as breathing to Ashok Jana. Indeed, 45 years of single-minded devotion to the craft has not just perfected his skills, but sharpened his determination that it remains untouched by time. To wit, he has passed on this skill to the nearly 135 artisan he oversees.  


And why not-with 15 state level awards under his belt and numerous ones at the district level as well, perhaps this is how fate meant it to be. Not content to rest on his laurels, though, he takes a keen interest in the modern designs and techniques associated with the craft, honing his skills through various workshops.  


Luckily, his enthusiasm has spilled over to the next generation as well. His two young sons oversee all activities pertaining to marketing the craft in urban areas, through multiple channels. These usually include participating in fairs and exhibitions and collaborations with notable craft houses.  


What’s next on the anvil for him is a slightly sobering detail. He, like so many others, has not remained immune to the adverse conditions created by the pandemic. However, he remains optimistic about the future, in no small amount owing to his strict principles of self-reliance.  


A story of true devotion, this one, scripted with, we hope, success and optimism!