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Comprising of more than 60 members, Aagaz is a vibrant women artisan group giving wings to the creativity of rural women hailing from Hapur, Uttar Pradesh. Glass beaded jewellery and ornaments form the medium of their artistic expression as well as socio-economic upliftment. Various bead crafts have existed since pre-historic times, with each region, tribe and community having its own unique element. The glass bead bangles made by women of Aagaz are characterised by their intricate floral patterns. 

Throughout history, all genders have embraced and cherished different bead craft articles but they have always held more significance for women. From mere display of their skillset to reflecting their beliefs, representing their taste and aesthetic sense, and defining their social stature, these haven’t just been simple pieces of ornamentation. Even for the women artisans working at Aagaz, their craft isn’t just a means of earning their livelihood. It fills them with pride to be able to take forward their cultural and artisanal heritage. Their greatest reward is the praise their work garners in urban markets. They hope as their reach expands, so does the appreciation for their skills and creativity, which ultimately helps them lead a better life through their craft. 

Charakha Workshop

Charakha Workshop

Charakha Workshop

Is learning to spin your own yarn an art or a skil! While we dont know the answer to that, learning to spin yarn is definitely theraupatic. It also supports weavers who weave our fabric.

In a world consumed by consumerism, how lovely it would be if we all know where our fabric comes from! If you would like to spin yarn from cotton, wear fabric woven from your yarn, then the Charakha workshop is just the thing.

Support the weavers amd spin your own yarn!

Join us for the Charakha workshop!

Next workshop date - 28th and 29th Dec 2023

For more details WA us at 6364665722