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Sustainable Diwali Gifts and  Responsible Gifting

Sustainable Diwali Gifts and Responsible Gifting

Over the past two decades, our nation’s Diwali celebrations have become more and more sustainable. From abstaining from the use of firecrackers, which cause both noise and sound pollution, to increasing the number of eco-friendly alternatives, we are progressing - slowly, yes, but progressing nonetheless. However, one of the major categories that needs a complete and quick overhaul is gifting. Machine-made items and fast fashion have adversely impacted not just the environment, but livelihoods as well. At tvami, we work with local artisans who create handcrafted items using traditional Indian methods, materials, and a wealth of generational wisdom. This year, we hope you’ll consider purchasing from them when buying diwali gifts online for family and friends.


Our Sustainable Diwali Gift Collection



What is Diwali without ethnic wear and what is more ethnic than the Indian saree? No matter where they come from, Indians of all ages and backgrounds don this magnificent garb at least once during the festive season. So, why not gift your loved ones a saree? While we have several handloom varieties on our platform, we’re focusing on three as part of our Diwali collection:



If you’re not sure whether your loved ones will like sarees as a diwali gift but still want them to try it, Ilkal sarees would be the perfect bet. A mix of simplicity and boldness, these sarees from Karnataka tend to have simple patterns with elaborate borders and pallus, ideal for both the wallflower and the star.








Pochampally Ikat, with its origins in Telangana, caters to a diverse audience. Made from silk, cotton, or a mix of both, and adorned with geometric patterns, the sarees range from deceptively simple to elegantly ornate.








For a muted and composed aura, make your way to our Phulia collection. Renowned for their comfort, these sarees from Phulia, West Bengal, are made of handloom cotton with generously spaced patterns and jacquard work. 








Want to gift something that people can showcase throughout the year? Wall hangings and painting will have your gift recipients - and their walls - covered.





Mata ni Pachedi paintings, literally translating to “behind the Mother Goddess”, are divine cloth shrines with detailed imagery of the Goddess, usually surrounded by nature and devotees. Hand-painted using natural dyes and a bamboo brush, these will add a touch of subtle sophistication wherever displayed.







For equally detailed work that focuses on nature and the divine, look no further than hand-painted Mithila paintings. Also painted using natural dyes, the colour approach ranges from the monochromatic to the extremely colourful, with each lovingly painted piece as meticulously detailed as the next.







Embrace vibrancy with Pattachitra  paintings, which are hand-painted on long scrolls with natural colours, using ingredients like different kinds of flowers, henna leaf, neem leaf, haldi, beetroot and so on. The bel fruit’s gum is used as a fixer for every colour.








Madurkathi wall hangings of Goddess Durga bring with them earthy grace and would be an unexpected and thoughtful gift for the religious or spiritual. The Madurkathi technique has traditionally been used to weave mats, but local artisans have expanded their craft to include wall hangings in order to be more innovative.






Colourful and expressive Gond and Cheriyal paintings will transport the recipient of your diwali gift to another world - of mythical creatures and Indian rural life, respectively. This would be ideal for those who love a hint of tradition.






Contrary to popular belief, showpieces and decor items can be the best diwali gifts for some people. Add character to someone’s home with thoughtful items, ranging from the colourful to the refined.


For an element of fun and quirk, explore our Etikoppaka and Kavad collections. Etikoppaka showpieces and toys are bright and colourful while the Kavad story boxes are full of fun tales, both ideal for the young ones at home.




For the slightly older members of the family, Dokra figurines of the Indian gods and goddesses might just win you some brownie points. If you’re looking for something more minimalistic, browse through our handcrafted Bidri diyas and marble inlay coasters or boxes - elegance meets decadence.







Looking for something unique to help light up your friend’s home? Sholapith flower streamers, which are made of plant stems, are a mix of tradition and modernity, and an impressive blend of innovation and sustainability. They also look like ivory when viewed from a distance.






To compliment radiance with a rustic feel, add a Terracotta lampshade to your cart. If you're looking for something more delicate, these intricately hand-carved tea-light holders will add an elegant yet rustic touch to any room. Made of Indian rosewood or sheesham, these aesthetic delights are crafted using engraving techniques dating back centuries, primarily used to create wooden blocks for printing.





However, if drama, explicit or subtle, is what you seek, explore the Pumpkin Craft or Leather Puppetry  lampshades. The latter comes with images and stories of deities and the former is handcrafted by rural women artisans.






Whether it’s clothing, decor, or unique religious representations, our partner local artisans have made it all, with hand and heart. Consider supporting them this festive season by giving your loved ones a diwali gift handcrafted by some of our nation’s best creators.


All products included here are handmade, hand-painted, or handwoven by local artisans of India. This Diwali, share the light of good fortune with these local artisans, people who have been preserving our heritage with, quite literally, their own hands. If you want to explore the stories, crafts, or products of India’s many artisans, visit





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