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Christmas time, what's your show of love? - TVAMI

Christmas time, what's your show of love?

Every December, it is impossible to escape the festive cheer that the month brings. Not only does it bring people together for celebration, it also marks the time when people tend to look at the ways that they can give back as well.


Every year, people look at different ways that they can give. While for some it is donating to their favorite charity, for others it can be spending time with the less fortunate during the festive period. Whatever it may be, their act of giving can be an inspiration for others to give something — whether it’s time, talent or a simple act of kindness. Which is why many mark this festive season as the ‘season of giving’. While there are several ways to mark the ‘season of giving’, it is important to understand that the act of giving doesn’t necessarily mean that it is measured in only tangible items. For most, nothing is more priceless than giving a the much needed support and kindness to friend in need, a family member, the local animal and homeless shelter, or even to a local business.


We are capable of changing others’ lives, and there are several ways that we can use this season to make it happen. Not only would it brighten somebody’s day, it can also be a show of support from a well-wisher, especially if it is from someone that they care about. It can also be particularly beneficial for those who are struggling to get by this year, especially given how hard this year has been due to COVID-19. With many upheavals, there are many individuals and in particular small businesses that are getting affected. Many have lost jobs and businesses are either shutting down or witnessing a slow sale. This is particularly seen among those dealing with traditional handicrafts. Hence, it is important to show your support for their art and the effort that they put in to create them.


With Tvami, showing your support to the artisans becomes simpler. As an online platform that connects the artisans with urban consumers, showing your love for local arts and crafts has become easy. Given that the digital world is making its presence felt in every aspect of our world, connecting with the artisans directly to buy their products has never been easier. What’s more, it allows the artisans earn a higher margin of profits and enables them to further their artwork and efforts to safeguard them. For instance, on Tvami’s platform, the artisans earn 70-75% of the profit when their product is sold. As a result, your support by buying a product from them directly enables them to thrive and grow. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “To give pleasure to a single heart by a single act is better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.”


What better way to spend your money this festive season? Not only would it make gifting your loved one special and unique, you would also be giving an hand to one of the many Indian artisans to further their artwork. With many now being more vocal for local products, promoting the artisans’ work and supporting them has become more important especially now. As the Prime Minister asserted in his Independence Day speech, it is time to come together to encourage local businesses and products. This is perhaps one way of making this ‘season of giving’ special to you and your loved ones. Showing your support and love to the artisans in this difficult period can make this festive period memorable for them. Your show of love, a motto that Tvami follows, can make a big impact on the work done by the artisans. How so? Buying a product from them and spreading the word can enable them to earn a decent income and ensure that their skills are valued. What’s more, it allows them to reach a bigger market, earn more and create more unique products.


So, make this season of giving special. Whatever your definition of giving may be - whether it is through old-fashioned gift giving, or spreading kindness and showing selflessness - any time of the year can be meaningful and incredibly beautiful when the effort comes from you. As Eleanor Roosevelt, Former First Lady of the United States, once said, “Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.”

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