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Plaited or coiled, as proud East Indian tradition dictates, basketry deftly interweaves stories with distinct characters and no loose ends. Where basic patterns can evolve into hundreds of possibilities; each a testament to the skilled hands of the artisans from rural West Bengal that birth it.

Every palm leaf basket featured is an ode to a craft that is inherently simple, minimal and, above all, functional. Each plaited piece is a blank palette of warps and wefts, harmonizing to create a pattern of twills or checks. Whether a gift idea for the kitchen or, a receptacle of odds and ends, each is a tribute to rural communities in West Bengal, for whom, this craft remains a proud legacy. Perfected together, as a single entity, ensuring it remains a communal activity, undisturbed by changing time and tides.

After all, passion, precision, patience and skill scarcely need an excuse to be celebrated!